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cannot believe its november. my baby ginger is almost a year old!

so in the last 6 weeks where I have disapeared things have been a bit crazy here. Noah is very busy with speech lessons and preschool, ginger is very busy trying to say baabaa and walk, roger is very busy with hockey and i have been very busy trying to learn how to count light fixtures on blueprints and find lumber companies in aspen. we didnt get to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary but are attempting to plan a nice getaway for our 10 year first date anniversary next month. Noah is still making progress with his speech and doing pretty good in school. Ginger is so, so close to walking and shes into everything. She can make it all the way up the stairs faster than Noah! My job is really going great and its the best to actually enjoy going to work, even though we are very busy and very stressed most of the time. At the moment we have 14 different hotels on our job board! AHHH! we are hiring people like crazy and still can't keep up. Things look good though, everyone likes me and I get constant praise from the president and vice presidents. my boss has talked to me about what direction I would like to go into as the company grows which is so exciting to me. such a great place, sorry it took me so long to leave Verizon!

Also, last weekend I got to see Tiffy get married! she looked very beautiful, Paul looked adorable, and I am very happy for them both. I just wish she would hurry up and get home from the honeymoon because I miss her!

So much to say but really, pictures say it best.

Playing in the front, nice september afternoon

my handsome little man

bay neener!

my little butterfly finds her first kitkat

Ahh! Scary Skeddeyton!

Croup+Raviloi=baby neener

Noahs Hat

In the car before Tiffys Wedding

In the car after Tiffys Wedding

All is well.
Our new website is up!

Under the hospitality section in the portfolio check out the pictures of the Lexus Hybrid Living Suite at the Fairmont DC. The room was designed to look like a black and white photo so the only colors are from the artwork and accessories. so nifty!

So very glad I left Verizon. I fit in so much better here! and I love that everyone gives it their all and can really be proud of our work.

life is rolling by so quickly these days that its hard to believe.

mr. noah starts preschool in 2 week! i can't believe my baby is going to school. i'm excited for him though-he loves being around other kids and i think its going to be so much fun for him. his speech is really improving and although he still has trouble i'm not nearly as worried about the teachers being able to understand him.

hes a pretty happy kid most of the time right now. ms. ginger is so so so close to crawling that its absurd. she gets around really well but doesn't actually "crawl". she can get into a sitting position from laying on her back or belly and she scoots backwards really fast. she will rock back and forth on her hands and knees so its got to be any day now. she also has 2 little teeth! ahhh shes getting so big!

work is going really well. yesterday the president told me how happy everyone is with me and that he's really glad to have me and the vice president told me hes training me on some new things because he wants me to grow with the company. everyone works super super hard but we also have lots of fun! crazy lunches and drinking on friday and everyone is addicted to our $800 espresso/latte machine(www.nespresso.com). seems like we are growing pretty fast, hiring more and more people. the office is so incredibly the opposite of my old job. its fantastic. we are about to launch a new website-when it's up i'll post a link!

roger had another cardiologist apt today and he said his heart is still a little weak and the MVP is present but that he doesn't need medication or to stop playing hockey or anything. just something to monitor every few years as long as hes feeling good.

last week was my 27th birthday-yikes! how did this happen? i remember being a young mom! now i'm just "mom".

so we are coming up on our 5 year wedding anniversary! i'm hoping i can get time off work to go away for a few days-vegas again probably. we are planning to go to dutch wonderland on sunday if the weather is nice. as for now-the kids are bathed and in bed and i'm waiting for roger to get home with pizza!
ive been doing massive research on Sensory Processing Disorder. Noahs therapists tell me everyone has a few quirks but that as adults we can self regulate and cope and fit into a normal life so that other people don't notice our quirks. Kids need help to regulate their sensory sytems which is why my life now requires far more energy than I have trying to give mr boo all he needs. more on that later...

anyway the difference between normal quirks and a SPD is when it greatly affects your ability to function in normal daily activities. i found a "checklist" of common problems and I'm fascinated as i read this to see so much of "me" on it. and roger. and tiffy. essentially anyone i'm really close with! the weird thing is that the items on the list rarely overlap between say me and roger. or me and tiffy. opposites attract?

anyway i know this sort of thing has come up a lot lately so anyone who wants to see the list let me know.

as for noah-hes so much happier and does better with speech practice if it comes after a good hour or two of crazy hyper bouncy crashing upsidedown activity! ahhh! i feel like a human jungle gym and i am COVERED in bruises! its crazy! but it seems to help.....the weird thing is how his ability for the oral motor planning in speech articulation is directly related to why he wants to crash into everything and swing upside-down. and eat piles of pickled ginger. and listen to the radio blasting. we enrolled him into "my gym" where he goes on saturdays to do summersaults and the like with other little kids. he had a blast! his therapists are a little worried how he will do in preschool and suggested we get him into that sort of thing as well as story times at libraries, etc to get him used to other kids in new surroundings.

i think we will have half of the Howard County Infants and Toddlers program at our house tomorrow. we have a nurse and a physical therapist coming to check out Gingers torticollis followed by an occupational therapist and a speech-language pathologist for Noah.

who knew being a mommy would be so crazy! love em to pieces though. strange how much life has changed in a few short years.
mehhh. im illin.

late wed night i was hit with a nasty headache but i attributed it to the daily ones ive had the last 2-3 weeks from hormone craziness and/or lack of caffeine. after a coke and excederine didnt fix it i became a little worried. fast forward to about 11 that night when i started shivering like crazy which lasted until 5:30 in the morning when I (and ginger!) finally fell asleep. back up at 7:30 to get her to her checkup then i dropped the kids off with my parents and came home to discover-surprise!-crazy high fever!

pretty sure i have the flu. the fever is hovering around 100-101 range now but the body aches are nasty. i long to be able to take a bath in my jacuzzi tub but i havent gotten clearance from the OB yet. my headache is much more tolerable but i feel like crap. roger had to take on all ginger duties last night because i was afraid to breathe on her so i'm sure hes at work today downing coffee to stay awake. it seems she likes to sleep all day then wake up around 8 at night until 4 or 5 in the morning.

so now im home alone bored and achy trying to decide how to spend my christmas money. i have a bad habit of hoarding money in the bank when i get gift money instead of ever spending it on myself as i always think of something useful i might need it for down the road. like a new car once i get a job. or the kitchen remodel. or diapers and formula. however i know this isnt my parents intent when they tell me to pick my own present. ive actually come up with something id like to get myself though-a nintendo DS. i was contemplating the Wii but i think i would get more use out of the DS and its cheaper! probably also easier to find.

the problem is i will feel god awful guilty if i actually spend the money on something like that.

meh! what to do! think ill go ponder it on the sofa under 3 blankets.
Happy Birthday Lauren!

...and jim morrison! heheh i remember my doors phase with lots of fond memories...
At todays checkup i discover my blood pressure is still great, ive lost a pound and i'm 2 cm dilated! STAY IN THERE BEBE! DON'T COME OUT TILL TUESDAY!
i want a giant bowl of whipped cream. not the store bought aerosol can type but real whipped cream.

why is that too much to ask?