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so i just submitted this pic to a baby contest on Regis and Kelly. they are choosing 10 semi-finalists that will be announced on TV Feb 20 and then theres an online vote for the winner who will go to the show, get money, and appear on the cover of some baby magazine.

i know his chances are about 1 in a million but just in case he makes the semifinals-be prepared to vote your little hearts out.

even if he doesnt win, i still swear hes the cutest damn thing ive ever seen.
I entered my baby into this online baby contest ( .) I figured it was more productive than Regis and Kelly 's. Why compete against millions when you can compete against hundreds? My baby didn't win, but at least I could see his baby picture online and show my friends that he was actually in a baby contest!
Your baby is adorable, don't give up... keep trying and you'll never know, he might just win next time... Good Luck! =)

View my blog if ya like... =)